I’m many



Alexander Andrei

Chief Design Officer

Tell me your idea and I’ll design it – it is this easy to get to know me. If there is something I love doing is helping brands all over the world visually communicate with their audience. But if you are curious about how I’ve come this far, let’s get back to the basics.

I’m a “social animal”, as Socrates used to say – I always enjoy being around people, getting to know them, discovering more about what they like, and finding out their personal stories. This passion of mine was so deep that I went further to understand in detail everything about how and where people live – so I decided to study Geography. IT was during those years that I started my career – first as a hobby, later on as a way of living. It all began with designing flyers and continued with constantly improving my skills, getting to work for and with notorious companies from all over the world, and leading an entire team of creatives, which I now love doing daily.

Don’t regret what you did, regret the things you haven’t done!