I’m many



Codrut Gabur

Chief Business Officer

In a constantly changing world, you cannot stop, not even for a second, if you want to be the best – this is what motivates me day by day.

I’ve always been passionate about novelty and innovation, and moreover, about how it can improve our lives. For as much as I remember, I’ve been in search of means of using all these disruptive technologies and media channels for our benefit. But even more, I wanted to master them so I can help others benefit from them as well.

Now, after several years of experience, my dream came true. Nonetheless, I have the same enthusiasm, but a lot more knowledge – and I’m ready to share them with you if you are ready to go all-in and do what it takes so that your dream comes true too!

When you think that you are done, you are only 40% into what you capable of doing!