I’m many



Florentina Dinica

Chief Marketing Officer

I aspire to inspire people to follow their dreams, break limits and achieve success professionally and personally. What I like the most about the online world is that you get to make your ideas and projects known all over the world in no time – and this is what I’ve come to master during all these years. I am a big fan of complex strategies, the ones that show the business just as it is with a twist: always creating consumer-centered content.

I admire all those who are in love with what they’re doing, whether they are collaborators, partners, or customers and I am always willing to help them go the extra mile by finding the tools that suit them.

I’m always crafting solutions we can all draw from, so I’d say my superpower is being highly organized, thus I always work closely with those around me when it comes to every challenge that might occur in our activity.

Do more than just exist!